Summer tips 2022 to stay healthy

Summer tips is here! The change of season calls for a change in routine, a modified diet plans, and of course, a new exercise routine that adapts to the season. The onset of hot weather can make your body more vulnerable to a variety of diseases and certain health guidelines should be followed to ensure a healthy summer tips 2022.

Here are a few summer tips to stay healthy

1. Eat healthy and light food

Eat light, small, frequent meals in summer days. Because, Heavy meals give rise to a lot of heat in the body. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content – such as oranges, watermelon, cucumbers, and also contain regular water.

2. Treat your eyes well

Protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight at work and at play, wear protective eyeglasses. When outdoors, wear sunglasses that block at least 99% of ultraviolet rays.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol, fizzy drinks and coffee can all quickly dehydrate you. If possible, try to reduce the amount of these favorite beverages, especially during hot weather. Plain or flavored water is a good option.

4. Drink plenty of water

The heat and sweat in the summer months can dehydrate your body, leading to unwanted health consequences such as fever and chills. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

5. Stay indoors

Restrict outdoor activities in the cooler parts of the day – before 11 am or late after 5.00 pm.

6. Avoid outside food

Roadside food can be contaminated and cause foodborne illnesses. Also, if the food is not kept properly in the summer heat, it can spoil and cause stomach infection.

Summer tips for Travels

Are you and your family traveling in the summer? If you are planning to travel within India then you must take certain precautions to keep you safe from the summer heat.

Here are a few Summer tips 2022:

  • Accessorize right
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Adopt an appropriate skin care routine
Summer tips
Summer tips
Common Summer Diseases

Summer brings with it many health problems which range from simple problems like headache, skin rashes, sunburn etc. to more serious ones like measles, jaundice, and many more. You should take necessary measures to prevent summer diseases. Here are a few Summer tips:


Some symptoms of a sunburn include redness or redness of the skin, light-headedness, and fatigue. To protect yourself from sunburns, apply sunscreen lotion on exposed areas of your body 20 minutes before going out in the sun.

Heat stroke

Heat stroke is another common summer disease that can be fatal if left untreated. Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include difficulty in breathing, rapid pulse, high body temperature, confusion, etc. Avoid going out during the busy afternoon hours.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat refers to a red rash that is caused by an excess of moisture and heat. Stinging heat may occur due to clogged sweat glands. You can get relief from prickly heat by applying prickly heat powder to the areas showing signs of prickly heat.

Food poisoning

Due to extreme heat in summer, food can spoil quickly. Keep leftover food in the fridge to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Food should be cooked well so that it does not spoil.


Diarrhoea is common in summers because food gets spoiled quickly. Contaminated food and unsafe drinking habits can lead to diarrhoea. To avoid diarrhoea, make sure you drink boiled water and wash the vegetables thoroughly before and after cutting them.

Skin Rashes

Skin rash is a common problem in children and adults during the summer season. This usually happens when a person sweats a lot. Take frequent baths, change your clothes frequently and avoid wearing tight clothes.

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