US Revealed Its USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet, Top Amid tensions with China

Amid tensions with China, America has developed the world’s most advanced USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet. Its full flight was recently completed as well. Seeing which people were stunned. This sixth generation fighter is called the fastest, deadliest, most intelligent and most powerful fighter in the world. This is a more advanced model of the fifth generation fighter F-22. It also has drones and laser weapons. Which have not been in any fighter until now.

USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet

USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet

The name of this plane has not been given at this time. Even if it is protected, it has not been made public. However, it is called Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) fighter. The news was broken by media organization Defense News. This institute said that it is the most dangerous and fastest fighter in the world. In addition, it is also very difficult to stop or direct it.

The US Air Force has not yet released any information about the aircraft. However, defense experts confirm that America has developed this dangerous fighter. This is very advanced aviation technology. When he enters the battlefield, he will change history. Defense experts believe this will give America a strategic advantage in the ongoing tensions with China.

America is said to have upgraded its fifth-generation deadliest fighter jet, the F-22, and introduced it in a brand new avatar of USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet. The technology of this plane is said to be very sophisticated. The total cost of the NGAD program is about 8 billion. Means 58,906 million. Currently, this USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet is planned to be implemented until 2025.

The most surprising thing is that this aircraft also has drones and laser weapons. This means that an air-to-air missile can be avoided via a drone. At the same time, any enemy target can be destroyed by laser weapons. These drones will also act as an attacker to find and kill any hidden enemy.

The laser weapons mounted on this fighter will be used to shoot down enemy planes. Even a small touch of the laser will blow up an enemy plane. In addition, it will also kill an enemy missile in the air. Artificial intelligence (AI) was also extensively used in this aircraft.

USAF 6th Generation Fighter Jet News source is google search and some youtube channels.

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